Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Secret Santa

It's after 11 pm and I've got an emergency dentist appointment at 8 am tomorrow morning, so the last thing I should be doing right now is writing a new blog post, but I HAD to write about tonight while it still is tonight.

Just after we had put Evie down for bed and were getting ready to start a movie Brant and I heard a knock at our door. We were both a bit confused as we get very few unexpected visitors, and NEVER get them at 9 o'clock at night. Brant threw on a sweatshirt and went to the door to answer it. There was no one outside, but there was a gift bag sitting on our porch. We removed the tissue paper from the bag to find a roll of Nestle chocolate chip cookie dough and a note. Upon first seeing the cookie dough I assumed it had been left by a visiting teacher or neighbor (though the latter is unlikely as our neighbors are all 90+ and wouldn't have been able to run away from our door unseen).

We opened the note which read:

It never hurts to
have A Little Extra
At Christmas

Happy Holiday!

We then found an envelope in the bag and opened it to find $83 of cash inside. We both looked at each other in complete shock! Neither of us have any clue as to who would have left this on our doorstep. Brant then went outside (in socks) to go find our Secret Santa(s?) but came in after five minutes of searching and me telling him that they probably meant for it to be a secret.

To our Secret Santa: you have no idea how much your love, kindness and generosity meant to me tonight. Your selfless good deed answered prayers I'm sure you had no idea you were answering. Even as I type this I have to continually stop to wipe the tears that are streaming down my face. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Evie the Fabulous

My baby bear, Evie, is 18 months old now (and thirty-two days, but I originally drafted this post about one month ago). Since this blog is supposed to be a substitute of sorts for a journal I am taking it upon myself to write down a few of the things Evie does--right now--that make her so ridiculously awesome.

Evie the Fabulous: 1 1/2 years old
  • At her 18-month well visit my girl (who measured in the 50th percentile in both height and weight at her one year visit) had skyrocketed to 33 inches tall (95%) and 27.8 lbs. (106%!).
  • She has ten teeth. Six on the top, four on the bottom.
  • Best kisses ever!--big, sloppy, wet, open-mouthed, and pretty much the best things in the world. Ask for a kiss and she'll come at you with her little mouth open as far as it can, and her tongue sticking out. If she's too busy, she'll still oblige but then her kisses are quick, tight-lipped ones that she gives without ever making eye contact.
  • She has started twirling. Randomly she begins doing 360's around the room, then falls over when she gets dizzy.
  • Sometime in the last two weeks, she apparently decided she needed to tone up because she has started doing toe touches. Up, down, and REPEAT.
  • She is miss Chatty Cathy--minus the actual words. Evie is crazy verbal. She's always talking, but the only real words she says are mom, dad, dog, shoe, hot, cute, look [at] that and uh-oh. She also gives the occasional "love you" but she's a bit stingy with that one. In the last couple of weeks, however, she has started to repeat more and more of what she hears. I say cracker--she says cracker, but only if I say it.
  • The Dancing Queen!!! She dances ANY and EVERY time she hears music. It doesn't matter if we're in the car, at church, listening to Rhapsody on the computer, or if music is on a commercial on TV. The chick dances!
  • More. More. MORE. This little one learned the sign for "more" along time ago, but she has started to use it now to let us know that she's hungry for something. She apparently adapted ASL to suit her own needs. The family thinks it's ADORABLE every time she does it, but Mom and Dad have seen it enough that the cuteness has worn off (a little, anyway).

I love my little baby bear more than I can stand. She is squishy, squeezy, and oh, so cute! Love this kiddo to the moon!