Wednesday, April 3, 2013


My kiddos are growing soooo fast!

Imma coming up on two birthdays in less than a month.  What!?  Can’t wait, though.  I’ve always LOVED my own birthday (still do, not ashamed), but I am beyond words excited as my kids get older to be able to do awesome things for their birthdays to make them completely memorable.  So, as I begin to think about their upcoming celebrations (can I get a quick AMEN for Pinterest) I wanted to jot down a couple of milestones Evie and Cohen are hitting right now.

First up, my girl.  Evie is almost 3, and we are hitting up the potty training.  Hard core.  To be honest, she’s struggled with this much more than I expected her to.  And I’m almost exactly as bad/impatient with it as I thought I’d be.  I guess I figured that because she’s so smart she’d figure out the whole pee-in-the-pot-not-in-my-drawers concept a little faster.  I’m slowly figuring out that there may not actually be as much of a correlation there as I thought.  Damn.

We definitely had a rough start with it.  Though, I’ll go ahead and put most of the blame on Brant and me with that one.  We definitely relied on diapers as a backup too much, and we just never REALLY went for it.  So, a couple of weeks ago I decided that I had had enough of buying diapers for two kids, and we were going to get Miss Francis trained once and for all. 
It hasn’t been completely smooth sailing by any means.  We still have our fair share of accidents around the house, but since we ditched the diapers and have only been sporting Dora and Hello Kitty panties around here, Evie has done MUCH better.  She’s really starting to hate the feeling of her underwear being wet, and she’s doing better at telling me when she’s needs to go (as opposed to me always asking her).

As for Mr. Elway, he has finally started to pull himself up.  He’s a bit behind, as most kiddos is age have been doing that for a bit (or so I read), but I’m not concerned.   Evie was always a motor skill slacker too, and she’s pretty awesome and caught up by now.  On that note, however, don’t expect the old “he took his first steps” post for. a. while.  Thinking he’s going to take his time with that one.  That’s ok with Mom, though.  Dude gets around enough as it is.

LOVE these amazing kiddos.  It’s so awesome to get to watch them learn new things every single day.  Except when Evie learned to say “shut up.”  That wasn’t as cool.