Sunday, September 23, 2012


1.  IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!  Second only to the birth of Cohen, it’s the thing I’ve looked forward to the most this entire year.  This may be the least painful it's been to be a Broncos fan in a very. long. time.

2.  I finally put the kids to sleep in the same room on Friday night.  Up until now, Cohen has been sleeping in a Pack ‘n Play in our closet.  So far, so good.  Aside from Evie waking him up a bit early in the a.m. it’s gone well.  He hasn’t napped in there yet, though, so we’ll see how that goes.

3.  Evie digs “Bambi” lately, which surprises me.  Nothing against Bambi, but I just sort of assumed it wouldn’t have enough action/singing to keep her entertained for its entirety.  Apparently I was wrong, which is so weird, cause that so rarely happens.  Kidding.  Simmer down, everybody.

4. I refuse to watch Bambi with Evie.  At least not all of it.  It’s just too sad.  I may have been known to put a pillow over my eyes and ears while humming a primary song during a particular scene.

5.  Today the Brigham City, UT temple is being dedicated.  Very cool that so many temples are being put up all over the world.  Also cool that there is now one in my teeny tiny city ‘o birth.  Coolest that due to the dedication we have a day off from church.

6.   I ran out of gas Thursday night.  Like, had absolutely nothing left in the tank, prayed to be able to make it off of the freeway, grateful I had my mom in the car with me so I didn’t have to leave my children alone/carry them to the gas station with me grateful.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

Last week we took the kiddos to check out the ducks at a little pond near the Snow Canyon baseball fields.

We figured we could let Evie feed the ducks, but the real reason we wanted to go over was because we thought it would be a great place for Bailey to be able to swim. 

Bailey has a weirdo obsession with water.  As in, she can't be near water in any state without completely spazzing and getting her doggie paws all up in it. 

We have a fountain across the street from our house that Evie refers to as "the waterfall" that Bailey continually tries to jump into on our nightly walks.  The fountain has fish in it that we are concerned Bailey might eat (or at the very least scare the begeezes out of).  But the real reason we don't let her get in is because it's a highly visible fountain with a lot of foot traffic, and frankly we feel other people would judge us and/or yell at us if we did.  Just bein' honest here.  If I KNEW we wouldn't get caught, I'd let Bailey jump in that fountain every time we passed it.

Brant's parents told us about the pond in Santa Clara that we would be free to take Bailey to without fear of scorn from passersby, so we loaded up the kids and headed there.  Paul was out of town, but Lynda met us to hang out for a bit.

Evie had a fabulous time throwing the bread into the water for the ducks to eat—even if her throws most often left the bread sitting well short of the duck targets.

Bailey, on the other hand, didn't take to the water quite as expected.

This was her for the majority of the afternoon.


She barely even approached the water.  The only time she got in was when Brant physically tossed her in the water.  And simmer down there, PETA, it was a GENTLE toss.

She clearly did not live up to her Labradoodle-ness OR to her previous aquatic attitude.  But at least those ducks got fed.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

She's a Funny One

My kids are awesome.  Especially Evie.  Now, that’s nothing against the new kid, he just doesn’t DO a ton yet.  I’m absolutely in love with him and especially with the ridiculously adorable smiles he gives every. single. time. he’s spoken to.  His awesomeness will be more apparent once he can verbalize it.  For now, he and I are both content to know that most of the time he’s happy to sit in his swing and simply BE awesome.  You know, without flaunting it

Now for the one who CAN talk.  Evie.  She is hilarious.  That’s not my opinion.  That’s science.

She is growing up way too fast, and I’m pretty sure it’s time I start documenting more of the things she says and does that I know I’m going to want to remember in 10, 15, and possibly still in 20 years.  That is if we’re not estranged by then.  You never know.  Anyone ever watch those shows on Lifetime where the grown up girl hates her mom, and they never talk anymore, and their lives are abysmal, so you judge the mom and think “how did your relationship fall so woefully apart,” and then find yourself concerned that maybe the mom tried her hardest and you just jinxed you and your own daughter’s relationship forever?


Just me, then?

Ok, let’s move on.  Where was I?  Oh, right.  The hilariousness that is my daughter.

Things are just funnier when they come out of her cute little mouth.  Let’s Canadian this post up and find some examples of that, eh?

11.)    Mom (holding a pack of gum just found on the floor):  “Evie, were you supposed to get this out of the drawer?”
  Evie:  The dog got it.

22.)    Evie (sitting in the car at Frostop):  “It sure is hot today.”

33.)    Evie climbing on Mom’s legs.
  Mom:  “Ow, ow, ow!”
  Evie:  “Don’t freak out, Mom.”

I found her reading to her buddies.
Tried to sneakily take a picture, but got busted and then she wouldn't STOP looking at me.

Oh, and for the record, Evie will repeat every. single. thing. that comes out of your mouth.  So please, clean it up around the kid.  She’ll rat you and your potty mouth out every time.