Thursday, May 10, 2012

Never Trust a Quiet Toddler

In the interest of accuracy/full disclosure I have to admit that this story is technically about a month old, BUT, I have been meaning to share it on here cause it's definitely one of those that I'm going to want to remember.

Evie and I (this was about two weeks pre-Cohen) were hanging out in my room.  I meandered into my bathroom to start doing my hair and Evie headed to her room where she began reading books.

Or so I thought.

After about ten fifteen minutes I realized I hadn't heard her in a while.  I started to head towards her room to make sure she and her books were doing ok, when I was greeted by this sight.

Yes.  That is homemade cinnamon syrup.  All.  Over.

I stopped short when I saw her.  Evie looked at me and said, "Spilled."  Umm.  Yeah.

My favorite girl had spilled an entire gravy boat's worth of syrup, and was proceeding to eat/smear it with her hands.  At that moment I realized I had two choices.  I could either laugh or cry well, really three choices because clearly I opted to run and get the camera, so I chose to laugh.  And laugh and laugh.  If nothing else, than from her simple explanation of what happened.  "Spilled."  Classic.  A month later and it still makes me laugh.

When it came time to clean up Miss Evie, the table, the chairs, and the carpet below her I wasn't laughing quite as hard. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Sunday Dinner Helper

I just had to post this picture because I love it too much not to.

Grandma Pam and Evie

Can you stand how cute that is?!  Me neither!

I also love how much it embodies about both of these chicks.  Evie with her now (in?)famous "cheese" face.  Being a helper.  To Betty Crocker.  Making Sunday dinner.

My Kiddo Turned 2!

 I don’t know when I’ll learn to stop writing posts with plans to finish them up “later that day.”  We all know I’m just not that on top of things.  I wrote this post on Saturday, April 29th with the intent of adding pictures to it before it went online.  Obviously I failed to add my pictures in a timely manner (unless you count ten days as timely), but I opted to leave the wording of the post as is.  Enjoy!

We celebrated Evie’s 2nd birthday today.  I can’t believe my baby girl is (almost) 2!  Her birthday isn’t really until May 1st, but I didn’t think the fam would be up for celebrating too hard core on a Tuesday, so we did it up BBQ style today.

I did a big party for her 1st birthday.  You know, one that involved invitations, homemade cake, and an actual theme.  But since she doesn’t care (what with her being 2 and all) I decided to keep this year low key and not really do a party.  I figured she doesn’t need a fancy-shmancy party every year, and I thought I’d cut myself some slack and save my post-partum self some stress by keeping things easy-peasy. 

I still wanted to celebrate her awesomeness, though, so I decided to do a family only barbecue at the park.  That guest list would typically constitute my parents, my in-laws, and Holly’s family, but kiddo’s celebratory weekend happened to fall so that we got to have Kem’s family and Garrett here as well.  I love that!  I loved having so many people around to celebrate and love Evie.  I’m aware that I’m not even kind of impartial, but that kid is ridiculously awesome and deserves to have lots of family around to spoil her.

We all gathered together at the park just south of our house where we ate, played, and opened gifts.  Evie loved having everyone there, and so did I.  I love our family so much.  It is SUCH a blessing to be such a close-knit family and to have so much family who live here!

Happy birthday, baby girl!  I love you to the moon!

Friday, May 4, 2012

An Addendum

I have to add an addendum to my last blog entry.  I would just edit my last blog, but I'm not sure if I do that if it will show that I posted today as opposed to the 22nd.  I suppose it wouldn't matter if it did, but I just don't want it to.  I wrote the birthing story post on April 22nd and I want my blog to reflect that.  Does that make me a complete weirdo?  I'm pretty sure it does, but I'm also pretty sure I don't care.

So, my addendum goes as follows...
Brant DID show up at my room before 10 o'clock.  He came around 9:15.  With Evie.  How did I forget that when I was writing out the day's events?  Not really sure, but I do know it made me feel like an inadequate mom who somehow favors her newborn over her first born.  I may be reading too much into it. 

Anyhoo, Brant and Evie came to visit me because I couldn't quite handle the idea of not seeing Miss Evie all day maybe I'm not the world's worst mom.  She, on the other hand, didn't really care.  They came into my room, and quite literally within three minutes of being there, Evie waved to me, told me "bye-be," and started heading out the door.  We made her stick around a little longer before Brant took her to my Dad's, but she wasn't thrilled with room 317 or the lack of excitement in it.

At least my girl is independent.  That's a good thing.  Right?