Monday, August 1, 2011


Played Taboo with Mom, Marisa, and Holly last night, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. After hanging out with the fam for the bulk of the day, I ran the bear home to get bathed and put to bed, then hurried back to Mom and Dad's house. All the cousins were there, and the plan WAS to have them bathed and ready for bed so the adults could game. As soon as I drove up, however, I realized my sisters had not followed up on there end of the deal. I found eight small cousins, dirty and sweaty, playing basketball in the driveway. Anxious to get my game on, I decided I would take charge, and proceeded to bathe the four smallest children. Did someone say Aunt of the Year?

The rest of the kids fell in line, and all the cousins ended up in the play room watching a movie. That left me and the ladies (plus Ni Ni, who decided she wasn't digging Free Willy) to play. We were there until midnight, and it truly could not have been more fun. My Taboo skills were sharp as ever and everyone fought to be on my team, but no surprise there--I'm awesome. Holly kept telling the rest of us that she is "hilarious," and managed to be on the team whose turn it was the entire time. And Mom and Marisa mostly did the ice cream and cake.

It was a ridiculously fun night. I love my mom and sisters! And I love that we're all good times.

Ice cream and cake! Do the ice cream and cake!

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