Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Last Day

Disclaimer: This is yet again a post that contains NO pictures. Blogger can suck it.

I’ve been feeling a bit emotional today knowing that it is the very last day it will be just me and baby girl. I may have cried once today already. Ok, maybe twice. Fine. I’m crying right now for the third time today. I’m going to need you to cut me some slack. I’m knocked up (aka-emotionally fragile) so quit judging me.

Evie will be 2 in just over two weeks which means I’ve been home with her just the two of us for almost two years as well. And cheesy and cliché as it might be, they have absolutely been the most awesome two years of my life! And as ecstatic as I am for the little dude to join us on Monday when I get induced I am going to miss the uninterrupted one-on-one time that Evie and I have gotten to share. And if I’m being completely honest, some of these tears may be due to a massive amount of guilt I’m feeling about shaking up my little one’s entire universe with the new addition we’re about to add to Team Boyer.

On a different and only slightly related topic: I’m giving birth on Monday! Holy shiz balls! And I’m fairly convinced that Mr. Cohen is adamant about outdoing his 7 lb. 5 oz. sister. Feeling a little nervous that I may soon be attempting to shoot out a 17 lb. beast.

Hi is that your nostril? Mind if we shove this pot roast through it? (name the TV show).

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