Thursday, June 28, 2012

Such a Blessing

Time is going by ridiculously fast.  How do I know?  My baby boy just got blessed this past Sunday (June 24th).  It was a proud day for this mama, but it also meant another milestone has come and gone in Cohen’s life.  Time is clearing speeding up in the universe because I know for an absolute fact that time didn’t go nearly as quickly when I was a kiddo as it has since my little one’s made their separate (albeit equally awesome) debuts.
I can’t complain about the seeming speediness of the earth’s rotation, though.  I am beyond-words grateful to get to be the mom to these two amazingly awesome and beautiful wee ones and to get to see each and every one of their milestones.

Which brings me to the point of this particular post.  The blessing.

We (and by “we” I mean Brant) opted to do the blessing at home rather than at our church.  And by home I mean my parent’s place because our humble little (emphasis on little) town home wasn’t going to come even close to holding the 50 or so friends and family we planned on attending.  So nice to have parent’s willing to let us use their place.  Even nicer to have so much support from friends and family that we needed a bigger space in the first place.
About half our group.  Most of my side of the family.

Our bishop led things by welcoming everybody out and we quickly got underway with the main event.  For not being overly fond of public speaking I gotta give credit to my hubby.  He’s borderline awesome when it comes to giving a blessing to the kiddos.  The words were so beautiful and heartfelt.  A few of the things mentioned were:
  • ·         Healthy body and mind
  • ·         Thirst for knowledge and understanding
  • ·         Finding a wife to take through the temple
  • ·         Knowing how much he is loved

Brant’s words were so sweet and were made even sweeter by the emotion that overtook him at one point.  I’m so grateful for Brant and for the amazing dad that he is. 
Brant and (a half-baked?) Evie

 After the blessing everyone stuck around to eat the luncheon that my family had prepared.  We went the semi-easy peasy route (I’m not sure any kind of spread for 50+ is ever completely simple) with sandwiches and salads.  Shout out to everyone who brought/helped prepare food.  Heaven knows I couldn’t have pulled it off without you.   

Good food, good friends, good family, good times, squishable boy!

Kyler, Cambree, Reagan, & Stratton
Treyce, Ja'Kheo, Jurnee, Jamini, & Jayvn

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