Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year


I’ve never been super into New Year’s Eve or the sparkly wonderment of a brand new year, but I will freely admit that I DO like to take such opportunities to write up some resolutions.  So here they are, for your viewing/judging pleasure…

New Year Resolutions

  • Read the Book of Mormon

  • Complete the Insanity program (ALL 60 days) twice

  • Be more present with my kids

  • Update my blog more frequently—try for at least once a week

  • Serve more

  • Worry less about what other people owe me

  •  TRY CrossFit

  • Learn how to use one new power tool

  • SEW—put that new machine to good use

  • Read four legitimate works of literature

  • Be braver

I wrote this little list up earlier today, and am hoping that by publishing it on my blog I will be forced into being more accountable for said list.

And with that, I’m already rocking the hell out of item #4.

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