Friday, May 4, 2012

An Addendum

I have to add an addendum to my last blog entry.  I would just edit my last blog, but I'm not sure if I do that if it will show that I posted today as opposed to the 22nd.  I suppose it wouldn't matter if it did, but I just don't want it to.  I wrote the birthing story post on April 22nd and I want my blog to reflect that.  Does that make me a complete weirdo?  I'm pretty sure it does, but I'm also pretty sure I don't care.

So, my addendum goes as follows...
Brant DID show up at my room before 10 o'clock.  He came around 9:15.  With Evie.  How did I forget that when I was writing out the day's events?  Not really sure, but I do know it made me feel like an inadequate mom who somehow favors her newborn over her first born.  I may be reading too much into it. 

Anyhoo, Brant and Evie came to visit me because I couldn't quite handle the idea of not seeing Miss Evie all day maybe I'm not the world's worst mom.  She, on the other hand, didn't really care.  They came into my room, and quite literally within three minutes of being there, Evie waved to me, told me "bye-be," and started heading out the door.  We made her stick around a little longer before Brant took her to my Dad's, but she wasn't thrilled with room 317 or the lack of excitement in it.

At least my girl is independent.  That's a good thing.  Right?

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