Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Fun

I’ve been trying to get into the spirit of fall lately, but it’s difficult when it’s still 437 degrees outside in the middle of October.  Not feeling it.  At.  All.

Despite the lack ‘o cardigan weather, we’ve managed to do a couple of fall related festivities the past couple of weekends.  

Two weekends ago we headed to the town square to attend the Taste of Dixie.  It consisted mostly of food vendors and a stage with some live entertainment.  We ate, of course, but most of our time was spent on the far side of the square.  Why, you ask?  Because the carousel located over there was free that day.  FREE.  Hot dizzle.    

Brant and I took turns taking Evie on it/watching Cohen in the stroller/picture taking.  

Clearly Cohen wasn't at all jealous of the equestrian action he was missing out on.  He was happy to stay in his stroller and play peek-a-boo with Mom.  Side note:  At one point while we were eating lunch at the festival the couple we were sharing a table with asked about Evie not realizing Cohen was also in the stroller.  When I told the woman that we, in fact, had two kids in the stroller she laughed and said, "Oh, I guess it must be nap time in there for him."  No, he was just being quiet cause he's awesome.  And borderline perfect.  AKA Best Baby Ever!

Back to our regularly scheduled carousel update...Miss Evie was a bit nervous on the first go around, but then couldn’t get enough.  By her third trip on it, she even insisted that I sit on my own horse so that she could sit on hers all by herself.  I obliged, but kept my hand on her thigh throughout the entirety of the ride lest she start sliding off and I could do a ninja move and grab her before she fell.  Thankfully it never came to that, and I was saved from having to reveal my secret identity as a ninja to a bunch of chuckles out for a spin on a merry-go-round.  Crisis averted.

 Our second forage into the fall festivas was pumpkin carving last Thursday night.

 Evie picked out a pattern she wanted to carve, and we went to work on it.  I thought Evie would have a blast doing it, and while she loved the idea of pumpkin carving she wasn’t actually up for having anything to do with it.  She loved watching while Brant and I carved it, but when it came time for de-seeding it, she bailed.  

Watching us do the dirty work and gazing intently at the inside was as close as she would come to getting dirty.  My two-year-old refuses to touch anything wet.  Including the inside of a pumpkin.  I’m pretty sure that officially places her in the ‘weirdo’ category of life. 

We tried and tried to get her to reach her hand inside the cavernous inside of our cute little pumpkin, but to no avail.

 Whether or not Evie got messy wasn't really important, though.  She loved every minute of the whole night.

And where was Cohen during all the pumpkin carving festivities?  Why he was in his highchair screaming his guts out.  Thanks for asking.

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