Saturday, November 17, 2012

She's a Funny One {2}

Hey oh!

It's officially past due time for another installment of "things Evie says."

Is that really worthy of an entire post? you may ask.

Yes.  Yes it is.  And it's my blog.

Mom:  Evie, do you want to help me clean the fan?
Evie:   Yeah!!  I'll get the screwdriver.


Mom:  We’re going to go to church tomorrow.
Evie:   Are we gonna see Jesus?

Evie:  "I totally rock.  Rock the house.  Rock the beat.  Rock the mike."

#4)  This convo took place in the afternoon after Evie had been sick with the flu that morning.
Evie:  My belly feels great.
Dad:  What?
Evie:  My belly feels awesome.

Mom:  You call me Mommy, but other people call me Natalie.  Grandma calls me Natalie.  What does Grandma call me?
Evie:   On the phone.

Love this goofball!

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