Monday, December 24, 2012

A Holiday Trifecta

As you may note from the post date/time it is officially time for me to start gettin' my Christmas Eve hustle on.  We've got dinner at Aunt Janet's in just over an hour, and I'm not even kind of close to ready, but I wanted to quickly post (pictures, mostly) about a few festive holiday things we've done as a family the last week or so.

 First up:  Pictures with Santa.

Boulevard Home Furnishings offered free pictures with Santa Claus not to mention, free cookies, so we hit it up.  Truthfully I wasn't as interested in getting a free picture as I was just getting one at all.  We had planned to see Santa at my parent's ward Christmas party the week before, but it ended up being one of my least favorite days as a mom so far, and by the time for the party rolled around I wasn't feeling my most festive.  AKA, the party (and picture) was a no go.

Fortunately my mom told me about the Blvd. and was willing to come to the store with me so I could get the picture I so badly wanted for my kiddos. 

Sidenote:  Evie had much more fun than the above picture would indicate.  And the girl LOVES Santa.  She ran up to the big guy and gave him a great big hug.  So cute.

Cohen drooled on him.

Next up:  Gingerbread houses at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

We whipped these bad boys up last Sunday night courtesy of Mama Ruesch and the milk cartons she stole from Red Mountain. Elementary.

Evie loves all things candy, cousins, and cheesin' up for the camera.  So, she had a blast!

And finally:  The Temple Lights.

Little explanation is needed for this little family excursion, so I'll leave it up to the blurry pictures

Happy Holidays!

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